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With over twenty years of teaching experience, I have taught students of all ages and levels. I have maintained successful private violin studios in Cleveland, Boulder and currently, Arvada. 

I have worked with musical organizations such as the Cleveland Institute of Music Suzuki program, music outreach school programs, and my own music for children program offered privately throughout the community. 

I enjoy teaching private violin lessons and coaching young, talented quartets at summer music festivals such as Soundfest in Cape Cod, and many other groups across NY, MI, AZ, OH, and CO as well.  In addition to summer music festivals, I have had the opportunity to work with students from other violin studios performing and giving masterclasses as a guest teacher. 

Orchestra is an aspect of violin playing and teaching that is vital to a student's education. I have worked closely with many youth orchestras running sectional rehearsals, and preparing violinists for placement and entrance auditions. Being a professional orchestral violinist myself,  I have a deep understanding of orchestral training that I incorporate into my private lessons.

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