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Welcome to the Tena White Violin Studio website. I am a violin teacher providing private violin lessons in Arvada and the surrounding area.  With twenty years of teaching experience, I offer high quality, comprehensive and individualized, private violin lessons to students of all levels.  In addition to teaching, I have an extensive performance background that enhances my knowledge of the violin.  Since 2007, I have been a member of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, and I am a performing chamber musician within the Denver community. I enjoy teaching students who are serious about the violin and have a desire to reach their full potential.

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Strong Foundation

Specializing in beginner fundamentals, I teach beginning violinists of all ages, starting as young as three years old. Beginners usually start with a 30-minute, weekly lesson where we take great care working on violin set up and bow hold.  I believe in an approach that gives students a positive, patient and constructive learning environment. I design my lessons according to my students’ needs, with an emphasis on confidence boosting activities and strong foundation. Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about what to bring to your first lesson.

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Budding Artist

Intermediate students will generally take one hour, weekly lessons comprised of technique, reading, review, chamber and solo repertoire.  It is at the intermediate level that a student discovers how to manipulate the fundamentals of playing to create a piece of art. If guided properly, this can be a very exciting and motivating time in the student's development.

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Practice and Prepared

Advanced violin students are expected to register for a minimum of one hour, weekly lessons. At this level, they are required to learn all three octave major and minor scales, technique books, full concerti, unaccompanied works as well as be fluent in their reading and chamber music abilities. Many advanced students are part of quartets and youth orchestras, participating in performances throughout the community. Students at this level are prepared to begin to audition and compete.

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Tools for Preparation

I know how difficult and overwhelming it can be to prepare for an audition. The good news is that there are certain tools we can use to greatly boost our level of preparation and success. Audition Prep lessons are designed exactly for this purpose. Often students will need extra time, guidance and support during audition season and can benefit from a few extra lessons that focus solely on audition performance and preparation. These lessons are intended to be in addition to your weekly private violin lesson.  The length and number of audition prep lessons vary as they are customized to meet the immediate needs of the student.

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Inspiration and Ear Training

Chamber music coaching sessions are one of my favorite ways to educate! Chamber music is inspiring and helps develop the ear in a way that no other setting can accomplish. I have spent many years working with young quartets and have seen the benefits that chamber music provides in a student's development. I am happy to work with your group if you are seeking some extra help or guidance. Coaching sessions are 1-2 hours long depending on the group and all members of the ensemble must commit to being present for the scheduled rehearsal.

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I firmly believe in maintaining a studio environment that is built on respect and honesty. In my experience, this leads to quality communication, trust, motivation and ultimately success. I customize all lessons to meet the needs of my students. I strive to maintain balance in lessons so that the student is enjoying the art of music throughout their intensive technical study. My students are required to listen and practice regularly and arrive at their lessons prepared. Please refer to the Studio Policies for a more detailed guideline of what is expected as a member of my studio. 

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Success is the greatest motivation!

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